We are here to

manage your logistics

and help you succeed in a global market


Right answer adapted to your requirements : Low-Cost Countries Sourcing (LCCS) through our Chinese plants Or with a supplier selected by yourself

For parts from low-cost countries we a complete offer :

  • Feasibility analysis and cost analysis
  • Realization of the project
  • Production in China through our plants
  • Double Quality Control : in China
    (before shipment) and in France (at receipt)
  • Supply
  • Receiving, warehousing, and distribution
    of containerized cargo
  • Emergency management if necessary
  • Assembly operations
  • Re-packing
  • EDI system and administration
  • Order Picking
  • Delivery Just-In-Time (JIT),
  • Delivery Performance Results
  • Arranging for delivery
  • Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN)
  • Invoicing on the behalf of the customer

In our daily running, we apply the 6 Sigma method.




  • Emergency management with retouching work, replacement or manufacturing of defectives parts in a short time
  • Surface storage capacity of 3 000m²
  • 1 800 m of racks
  • Qualified staff
  • Modern handling equipment material
The Mécanique Deville supply chain tunes to market opportunities and focuses on total customer service satisfaction.

Total chain management
To reinforce the relationship with all our clients, the supply-chain department of Mécanique Deville has applied a total chain management system, confirming our customers the movements (Transit, sub container, stock etc) of the ordered components.

Emergency management involves prevention, preparation, mitigation, response and recovery from unwanted events.

In the Mécanique Deville Supply-Chain operation process, we manage all the emergencies in the supply chain.