NC machining

Main activities : Turning > Milling > Boring > Tapping > NC-machining (lathes and palletized machining centers)

Over the last 60 years Deville is an expert in complex machining technology. We specialize in mass production of parts by small, medium and high volume batches

To suit requirements from Engineering and Design Departments, Maintenance Service or After Sales Service, we have a special department for Prototypes, spare parts, break down service, universal parts, customized parts, small batches produced in a short lead time.

Our machine park includes 50 units, 30 of which are numerically controlled, and we keep investing in increasingly performing equipment.

Transfer machines are also used for some fabrications. New productions can be met quickly with the required layout and equipment (setting up complete manufacturing lines, production blocks etc...)




  • Pins for civil engineering works machines
  • Hydraulic blocks , flanges, elbows
  • Truck brake system parts
  • Machine tool parts
  • Mechanical parts for special machines in various industries such as plastics, food, packaging, military, railways...
  • Turning: Ø 300, length 1000
  • Milling: 800 x 600 x 300
  • Drilling: on machining centres and NC, Ø 75 max.
  • Horizontal palletised machining centres: 500 x 500 x 500
  • Vertical machining centres; 1250 x 800 x 400
  • Deep boring: Ø 18 x 500